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The Next Generation of Banking.

Our Hardware and E-banking Services are designed to meet your needs and expectations.

LYNX offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client by leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise

The Future of Banking.

Our solutions and e-banking services are designed to meet your customer needs and expectations.

LYNX offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client by leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise

LYNX Products

Empowering Banking Solutions

Experience the future of banking with LYNX, your trusted partner in cutting-edge E-banking services and hardware solutions. Our innovative products seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, delivering unparalleled security, efficiency, and convenience.


Comprehensive Solutions Tailored to Meet the Unique Needs of Each Client

From state-of-the-art wired POS, wireless POS and radio frequency POS terminals to robust cashless devices, LYNX empowers banks and financial institutions to stay ahead in the digital era. E-banking services of LYNX offer a seamless and secure digital banking experience, allowing customers to conveniently manage their finances anytime, anywhere. By using advanced hardware solutions, LYNX equips financial institutions with the latest technology, including secure payment terminals, advanced biometric authentication systems, and robust online banking platforms.

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Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment: Elevating Customer Experience

Li Ming

Li Ming

Edge Innovation IT Manager

"We have been using LYNX's Agent Unit for over a year now, and we are very satisfied with their performance and reliability. Their banking unit is easy to use, secure, and scalable, and it has all the functions we need. It really helped us improve our customer service and operational efficiency.”

Elizabeth Macbeth

Elizabeth Macbeth

Glory Technical Manager

"In My Opinion LYNX is a leading provider of Banking Hardware Solutions in Hong Kong, and we are glad to have them as our supplier. Their products are of high quality, durable, and innovative, and they meet our needs and expectations.”



We offer cutting-edge technology that enables banks to stay ahead in the digital era, providing their customers with advanced and secure banking experiences.

Prioritizing security, ensuring that our products are equipped with robust measures to protect sensitive financial data.

Our products require less maintenance, thanks to their reliable design and advanced features, allowing banks to focus on their core operations without disruptions.

We provide state-of-the-art hardware solutions that are at the forefront of technological advancements, empowering banks to offer innovative services and stay competitive in the market.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing banking systems, enabling a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions during implementation.

Our products are designed for optimal performance, ensuring that banks can deliver efficient and reliable services to their customers, enhancing their overall banking experience.

Our Products at a Glance.

By downloading our brochure, you can easily get familiar with our E-banking solutions.


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About Us

With over a decade of experience in the industry, LYNX equips banks and financial institutions with E-banking and payment systems and credit card processing solutions in order to enhance their business operations, workflow processes, risk management, and customer relations. By aiming to enable these institutions to concentrate on core business functions, LYNX takes care of their IT needs.

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