Laser: The LYNX Laser Machine is an engraving card personalization that designed modular to simplify on-site maintenance and upgrade. The system performs the laser engraving of the photo, barcode and personal data into the front and back side of card.   Features: Monochrome laser beam printing Automatic and Manual card insertion. Encoders: contact smart, contactless […]

Agent Unit

Agent Unit The Agent Unit device is a complete set of modules in the field of payment, which is assembled to provide teller services on-site. This device can also serve as self-service according to different requirements of customers in the absence of a teller.   Features: In the same kind of products with the smallest […]

Cashless 8300

Cashless ATM 8300 Cashless ATM is an intelligent, low-cost, easily manageable and maintainable new generation of banking devices. This product offers high performance and cost efficient options for account inquiries and online transactions, bill payment, IC card recharging and other self-service businesses. Cashless ATM is the best solution to extend bank outlets and increase bank […]


LX-8230 (SLS III) Durable, Secure and Vast Screen The 10.1-inch screen not only allows you to view small pieces of text, but also allows you to sign documents directly. The signature is displayed in real time on the signature pad color screen – just like on paper.   With the card reader, adjustable face camera […]


LYNX 9500 Multi ID Payment Bio LYNX-9500 is the Multi ID-authentication terminal that supports every authentications service with ID verification from the contact card, live finger scanner, the contactless card, MSR and the electronic signature & PIN to the video file play as well as MOC, MOD and MOS. LYNX-9500 is the Multi authentication / […]


LX-8220 Interactive Terminal (SLS II)   INFORMATION INTERACTIVE TERMINAL LX-8220 is intelligently designed with access to the counter business systems to accomplish the interactions between teller and customers and to improve the business efficiency. It provides rich functions including E-signature, password input, service comments, and multimedia display, etc.   Features: Password input. Multimedia display of […]