LYNX 9500

Multi ID Payment Bio

LYNX-9500 is the Multi ID-authentication terminal that supports every authentications service with ID verification from the contact card, live finger scanner, the contactless card, MSR and the electronic signature & PIN to the video file play as well as MOC, MOD and MOS.

LYNX-9500 is the Multi authentication / ID Verification terminal that Supports every authentication service from the contact card, the contactless card, MSR, and the electronic signature & PIN to the video file play.

LYNX-9500 ensures the secure authentication / ID Verification transaction and the protection of the cardholder’s sensitive information with the newest PCI PTS v5.x certification.

LYNX-9500 provides various communication Interfaces and options for the flexible authentication / ID Verification system.

LYNX 9500 Features:

  • Support Contact, Contactless, MSR
    ● Wide 5” TFT LCD
    ● Capacitive Touch Panel for Signature
    ● Certified with PCI PTS v5.x
    ● Various Options for the flexible system



Interactive Terminal (SLS II)



LX-8220 is intelligently designed with access to the counter business systems to accomplish the interactions between teller and customers and to improve the business efficiency.

It provides rich functions including E-signature, password input, service comments, and multimedia display, etc.



  1. Password input.
  2. Multimedia display of all kinds of information.
  3. SW security certification.
  4. Information Interactive with voice guide.
  5. Contract or documents digitalization.
  6. Signature captured and encryption.
  7. Service comments from customers.
  8. Wide range application: Fingerprint, Contact &

Contactless card, MSR card, QR code


Main Characteristics:

  •       Quad Core CPU 2.0GHz, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB ROM
  •       10.1 Electromagnetic and capacitive touch screen display with 1280×800px resolution and 2048 pressure level
  •       12 keys Pin Pad with DES. 3DES AND SM Encryption
  •       Password self-protection function
  •       E-signature
  •       Extended modules