LX-8230 (SLS III)

Durable, Secure and Vast Screen

The 10.1-inch screen not only allows you to view small pieces of text, but also allows you to sign documents directly.

The signature is displayed in real time on the signature pad color screen – just like on paper.


With the card reader, adjustable face camera and fingerprint collector, you can discreetly and perfectly obtain customer information. The signature can be verified by using sophisticated software that measures the pressure, velocity, acceleration, and length of the signature. Factors that the human eye would not notice in any case.



  • Large size high-resolution color screen
  • Can be operated by using a stylus and all ten fingers via multi-touch technology.
  • Secure identity features with the card reader, face camera and fingerprint.
  • The highest possible security certification.



  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Office
  • Bank
  • Shop